Global Barter continues to grow

Josh Colley 12 Jul 2011

Corporate trade is growing in popularity for the media industry following significant growth in media billings during 2010, according to the latest figures from Active International.

Active, which is one of the largest companies in the sector, received more than $82.9m in global media billings during the 2010, up 26% on the $65.4m in 2009.

“Corporate trade is no longer the ugly duckling of the media industry,” said Dean Wilson, UK managing director and vice-president for international, Active International.

“Agencies and brands recognise that in the aftermath of the economic downturn and amid tough trading conditions, corporate trade agreements effectively boost media spend. As the industry matures, we expect to see continued strong growth,” added Wilson

Active also cites UK figures that show the entire corporate trade market was up 53% and worth £132.1m ($210.8m) during the whole of 2010, which helped the company enjoy a 34% increase in cash turnover. The company saw the largest growth in the food and drink sector (+54%), followed by Automotive (+25%) and Retail (+18%).

Corporate trade allows companies to sell off unused media inventory for credits that can then be used on various services across media space or marketing activity.

Dean Wilson


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