Food & Drink - Drinks Brand

This solution could work for you if you...

  • Have an inventory problem for Active to solve before any media run
  • Need help to find an overseas distribution channel
  • Have an existing relationship with Active so you know that you will spend the Trade Credits in the near future
  • Are a manufacturer predominantly based in the UK


The Challenge

A drinks brand was upgrading one of its products which required current stocks to be sold quickly so as to make way for a new variant.

Our Solution

  1. Active worked with the manufacturer’s media agency to identify Tradable media. By working with Active the client was able to pay for the media plan partly in cash and partly using their excess stock
  2. Active paid for the stock at full wholesale price
  3. Active Traded the stock with various charity, social and media events in exchange for hospitality and tickets
  4. There was further PR for the drinks brand through sampling and presence at the event

The Benefits

  • Client increased their marketing campaign by part paying in excess stock and gained further PR and sampling exposure at charity and sporting events
  • Media Owner received increased spend from client
  • Active International received tickets which were traded with media partners for media space which in turn was used by other Active clients


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